You Ain't Going Nowhere

A man in a trenchcoat
Crying to the barman
Tries to recall what went wrong.
A girl with a Mary
Shares her heart in Kareoke
As an audience of three sing along.
An ageing ballerina
Who might be called Tina
Acts like she hasn’t a care.
As the singer like me
Sings entirely off key
“you aint going nowhere”.


A beauty queen former
Collapses in the corner
While the barman catches her glass.
Every night is the same,
They all gather in shame
All desperate for the blue note to pass.
The barman’s their light
He’s with them all night
And his eyes never humble or stare.
While they all sing along
To the words of the song
“you aint going nowhere”.


Then one night they’re all there
But the old bar seems bare
The barman’s gone AWOL so they’re told.
Been replaced with a Fred
Who’s studying pre-med
‘Tis his dream to go heal all the world.
What became of the male
Who would listen to their tales?
“Where’d he go?” says the ballerina in despair.
Says Fred: “It’s really not clear
But from all that I hear
He and the songstress went somewhere.” © 2017 by Steve Taite