Only 16

Sung by Emmanuelle

When I was only 16, only 16
he saw me on the street, and swept me off my feet
And made me a beauty queen.
Only 16.
And from that moment on, from that moment on
I lost control of my life, the life I knew.
As the number of cameras following me grew
Still I was happy because I had you, I had you
Only 16.
I was only 16, only 16
But you took me to parties and we dined on yachts
You introduced me to royals, and introduced me to pot
And my heart you had captured and tied up in knots,
Ahh tied up in knots, tied up in knots.
Only 16.
And when I turned 18 you put me on the screen
You tore off my clothes for the sake of art
Because innocence was every young man's dream.
The critics were cruel but you didn't care
For you owned the talent and you owned my heart
You owned my heart. Owned my heart.
Chorus: And as the years passed by
 I started to think.
Where had my innocence gone
When did I sink
And with all the fame I had,
Why was I so sad and alone
Where tell me where had my happiness flown?

Only 16.
She was only 16, only 16
He brought her in to my house, her name was Charlene.
And suddenly something inside of me withered and died.
I had outstayed my welcome and now it was time to go hide
And as I moved on
I never looked back
At the world that to me was so cruel
I never regretted it....
Never regretted at all? 
Only 16. © 2017 by Steve Taite