The Tower of Babel Revisited

A child cried out in the middle of the night. There was no one around to dry her tears. Two avatars kept boxing in an invisible world, Both trying to bury their fears.

While the whole world kept searching, not knowing for what, A tower soared high in the sky. It kept growing and growing, devouring but knowing, But no wise men stood up to ask why.

The Tower of Babel Is but a mere fable Ignore what you see with your eyes. Don’t believe when they claim, There is no one to blame. A whole manifestation of lies.

A man with a carpet approaches the market Do you think that he’s hiding a bomb? That same said lost soul, Now five years on the dole. Someone tell him, please, what went wrong.

He was relieved of his power Axed by the tower His life sold to someone he can’t see. Now he’s killing and looting, While his brain keeps rebooting. All because of a form in 3D.

The Tower of Babel Neatly fits on your table But don’t let it possess your lap. It’s no breath of fresh air, But then there’s none left to share And it won’t stop you minding the gap.

Shiny screens replaced books As we touched up our looks, And millions get lost in the surf. Faraway places, unrecognizable faces All free or stolen, nothing has any worth. Nobody’s talking or out there and walking, No reason to drive into town. The Tower controls us, but would we be homeless If tomorrow it came tumbling down?

The Tower of Babel Is it merely a fable Or are we the ones living the lie? Have we lost all identity Is this how God had meant it be Or a fad to ignore and get by?


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