Rich Man, Poor Man

Is being rich all its cut out to be?

Rich is not all it's cut out to be. Being rich can be really hard. You don't believe me? Well here are a few examples.


Poor: Doesn't need to get up till twelve. It's not as if he has a job to go to.

Working Class: Gets up, kisses his wife, takes the broken-down station wagon to the station and reads Newsday while commuting to work.

Rich: Every morning starts with decisions. Gets up, kisses the young starlet he picked up last night whose name escapes him, then has to decide which car to take to the office. The forecast promises sunshine, which means the convertible Ferrari seems perfect, but then again what if it rains? Wouldn't the Aston Martin be a better choice? "Oh how I hate mornings".


Poor: Whatever he finds in the trash of the drunk and famous.

Working Class: "Wow a 5 gallon Gallo at half place. Party time!"

Rich: "You know this Duero 1996 is undrinkable. Take it back and bring me a '79 Margaux and make sure it's been properly matured. At this rate I'll die of thirst!"


Poor: “What’s a holiday?"

Working Class: "I can't wait for the camping trip by Yosemite. Maybe this year we'll finally see a bear."

Rich: "What do you mean you’ve lost our reservations for the Nygard Cay Beach Resort. I 'll have you know that I booked them four years in advance as requested and I have already pre-stocked the family jet."


Poor: "Don't be daft, let's just elope. I know these really cool B&B just of the Jersey Turnpike."

Working Class: "How's this for a compromise, we have the ceremony in St Anne's the reception in Mt Sinai and dinner at Tanoreen?"

Rich: "Look dearest, you can't sit Lady Gaga next to Queen Elizabeth, I promised Elton that he could sit next to her. Oh and while we are on the subject I'm sorry to tell you that you I can't get the Beatles to reunite no matter what the price. My agent asks if we will settle for the Beach Boys backing Mick Jagger."

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