10 Reasons to Work for the Mafia

And one reason why not to

10 Reasons to work for the Mafia

1. You got an offer you couldn't refuse

2. Their lunch room is to die for

3. What other job boasts a uniform designed by Versace?

4. The have their own bank and you don't have to pay commissions.

5. You get a great discount on Vegas hotel rooms.

6. They have a great tax exemption program.

7. You get to dine with politicians.

8. You can have a mistress and a wife and nobody complains.

9. Because it's a more respected profession than being a lawyer.

10. You don't need a college degree; a first degree will do fine.

1 Reason not to work for the Mafia

1. Their health plan stinks.

#funny #crime #mafia

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