The Budgie

Dear GOD

My parents bot me a yella budgie rigar for Christmas. She has red stripes on her back and I call her Polly. I donna why they bot me this budgie but it is verry fritening and it is hard for me to fall asleep at nite. My best frend Daniel from preskool, with who I play docter and all sorts of fun games, promised to help me. Last week Daniel took out the tube of crazy gloo from my dad's draw and fed it to Polly. It was reely funny as Polly jumped up and down and then fell over in her cage and didn't get up aggen. Daniel said he had dedded her and for once I slept well.

Next day when I came back from preschool I found out that Danny was wrong because Polly was flying around in her cage aggen but now she had orange stripes on her back insted of red ones. When I asked Mummy, she sed that Polly had bin rezurrekted.

In the next too wicks Danny came over to play many times and eech time he dedded Polly, but Polly was always rezurrekted. Polly's no longer yella now at all - she's bloo and Daniel says that she must have had a hoppo ration as she is now a Peter.


Pee Es. I'm leaving my confess shone in my chock-milk carton behind the swing at preskool. If you find it please pass it on to God. He'll no wot to do with it.

#pets #kids #god

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