The Committee for International Sanctions

Seven men and one woman sat round the large oval table. In front of each of them was a small flag. At precisely 10:00 A.M. the chairman opened the meeting.

"This is the four hundred and seventy sixth session of the Iranian Sanctions Committee. I think it is fair to say that this committee has done everything in its power to forward a peaceful conclusion of the crises and it is now in the best interests of the free world to act."

Here the Chinese delegate interrupted.

"As the humble delegate for the people of China I demand that the words free world be struck from the protocol."

"Point taken. We, the representatives of the world powers see it as in the best interests of our constituents to..."

Here the Chinese delegate interrupted again.

"Far be it for the humble delegate of the people of China to disagree but we are against the idea of constituents. It is for the leading authorities to decide what should or should not be done."

The room fell silent as a man in a black suit and tie rushed in and handed a note to the President of the United States who was chairing the meeting.

"If you will excuse me, Gentleman and Lady, I seem to have crises on my hands."

Without further to do, he left the room. Ten minutes later he returned.

"I'm afraid that I am the bearer of bad news. I have just been informed that a nuclear missile has been fired from somewhere in Iran and is at this minute heading towards Tel Aviv."

After several cries of "Oh my God" the Russian delegate quietened the room.

"It is important that we approach this situation with clear heads. We mustn't make any hasty decisions we will regret afterwards."

"I fully agree" agreed the Swiss delegate.

"Hear Hear" added the British Delegate.

The French delegate addressed the floor and emphasized the importance of diplomacy. Several minutes later the man in the black suit rushed in again and passed the president another note.

"It would seem", he informed the committee,” that we have another crisis on our hands. As I talk a nuclear missile is passing over Zurich."

After the room had quietened down, the Swiss delegate rose, holding his IPhone to his left ear.

"I have just been informed that the missile has left Swiss territory and is heading towards Paris. I feel that maybe now is a good time to take action."

"Hear, Hear" said the British delegate, having finished sipping his cup of tea.

"Something has to be done."

After several more minutes of fierce discussion, the man in the black suit ran in again, but before he could open his mouth the ceiling fell in and the delegates all jumped for the floor. When the mist had clearing the President of the United States got up on his feet and spoke again.

"As you may have noticed a bomb has just hit Washington. Due to our security measures, no radiation has sept through these walls , however I am forced to advice you that it will unsafe to leave the vicinity of this bunker for the next 74 days."

The German counselor stood up and brushed off the dust from her shirt and jacket.

"I really feel that this has gone too far. Hard times call for hard measures. Is there anybody in this room who isn't in agreement?"

The room remained silent.

"As I see that we are all finally in agreement I suggest that it is finally time to act."

"Hear Hear!" said the Brit.

For the next ten minutes the German Counselor explained her proposal. When she had finished the President put it to the vote.

"All those in favor of the Counselor's proposal, are requested to raise your hands."

The hands of all eight delegates were raised.

"Let the minutes show that the vote was unanimous. With your agreement, I will release the following statement to the press: 'We the leaders of the world hereby agree to form a committee to discuss the possibility of the necessity of imposing sanctions on Iran in the near future. The committee will start meeting immediately after the radiation here has lifted and it is safe to leave this nuclear bunker'. Now, as the time is almost noon, I suggest we adjourn to the adjoining room for some well-earned refreshments."

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