The Filthy Rich Network

Coming to a TV service near you (If you happen to live in Bel Air or Beverly Hills)

The F.I.R.N. Network Shows premiering this fall:

Extreme Makeover Housekeeper edition - watch and wonder as your dreary housekeeper Emma is transformed into the Maid of your dreams

Modest Family A fat, rich, elderly, retired rock star marries a South American model with an attitude and her overweight son and tries to hide the fact that he's loaded. The fact that they live in a 24 room mansion doesn't spoil the plot.

Entertaining Tonight Great ideas for intimate dinners with less than eighty guests. Look for useful tips on how to import the best wine from the South of France.

The Princetons Yet another Simpsons spin-off, this time with added caviar.

How I Met your Mothers A retired college professor, who made it big when his website Geeks with Gear went virile and who has recently discovered that he's gay, tells his children about the boring events that led to his marrying each of their mothers.

Married with Chiwawas Ed Bundy returns in this sequel to Married with Children. Peg has recently won a fortune on the lottery. The kids have long since left home but two stray Chiwawas who now inhabit the living room are too much to handle.

The Big Bang Theory and Practice hosted by Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson (‘nuff said)

The Don lives at the White House A rich billionaire with an attitude and his supermodel wife fund a homeless drunk genie who gives them one supreme wish.

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