It's Time for You to Change Things

Come gather young people all over the world.

Your friends found on Facebook Are worth plenty of gold.

But when you get home there’s nobody to hold.

It’s just you and your coffee-stained keyboard

. Your screen might be bright but your glimmer’s all gone

‘Cause it’s time for you to change things.


You music collection has just gone mobile.

You keep seedy web movies of your girlfriends on file.

Your phone’s full of apps but you don’t know how to dial.

Anyway there’s nobody will answer.

Some fresh air could be good, it has been quite a while.

Yes it’s time for you to change things.


Every morning you commute disguised as a sardine.

On the train back each eve the same victims are seen.

You’ve been making this journey since you were just nineteen.

But never talked to the people around you.

Real people, real faces where have they all been?

Yes it’s time for you to change things.


Just imagine a world wherein strangers could talk.

Away from online based poker and farms without dirt.

Lets get back to the basics I’m sure it can’t hurt.

If you try you might even enjoy it.

A smile and hello and perhaps a short flirt.

Cause it’s time for you to change things.


When Robert wrote Times he was sure things would change.

He envisioned a world with less people deranged.

The results of his dream may now seem kind of strange.

All the hippies are granddads with bellies.

All their friends and relations now visit on Skype.

Yes it’s times for us to change things.

#parody #dylan #protest

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