The Quest for the Lost Sock

You don’t have to explain the meaning of life Or why the Earth revolves round the Sun. Nor why some people use chopsticks instead of a knife Or work never seems to be fun. I don’t want profound answers on theology and sex Or what happened to the new kids on the block. If you’d only please answer something much less complex Like where you have hidden my missing odd sock.

I have read all my Shakespeare, know Dylan Thomas by heart I’ve religiously watched Citizen Kane sixteen times. I’ve listened to Revolution 9 from finish to start And researched meaning in my old nursery rhymes. I’ve tried yoga in a toga, have meditated till I drop Read Kaballah and the Koran just for fun. But I still cannot master a simple fox trot Or manage a simple home run.

You see life is a puzzle I find hard to explain, Maybe you have the answer I seek. I know you may think that I simply complain But why can’t we have a six day week. And if you go searching for the missing lost arc Or the holy grail up high on the rock, Please spend a short moment before it gets dark To search for my missing odd sock.

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