The Bel Air Kindergarten of the Arts

Some parents will do anything to get in!

The Bel Air Kindergarten of the Arts is run by a Ms. Fanny Hardbottom. Fanny, majored in the performing arts and even starred for a short time in a one woman show playing Off Broadway . Actually that story isn't entirely accurate. Ms. Hardbottom performed a one man show on the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street for almost twenty minutes before a cop threatened to bring her in for loitering. Anyway, since then she has been managing this extraordinary kindergarten for gifted children whose parents are able to afford the $5000 a month fee and provide ample references (legal documents ascertaining the kid’s relation to at least two former mega stars or a Xerox of a recent bank account overflowing with zeros. Before final acceptance of a candidate for the kindergarten the child and his/her parents must first pass the audition phase which each year is based on a musical. This year the B.A.K. did Chorus Line.

Stand, kick, smile, leap, sing, flip checkbook...Again!

Stand, kick, smile, leap, sing, flip checkbook...Again!

And... Turn, bend, take a pen , not enough, try again

Turn, bend, take a pen, not enough, try again

From the top. A-Five, six, seven, eight!


God, I hope we get in.

I hope we get in.

I've had to mortgage my new yacht?


God, I hope we get in.


I hope we get in

How many boys, how many girls?


Look at all the jewelry!

I'm not so sure we...

Have got the pedigree or seed?

It's mighty costly?

How many toddlers does she...?

[Henry Corey Jackson III (aged 3 ]

I really need to go.

I'm diaperless, you know.

I can't hold on. OH NO!.

[Group of Kids]

God, I really blew it!

I really blew it!

How could I do a thing like that?


How could you do a thing like...


Now I'll never make it!

I'll never make it!

I made a puddle on the floor.

My Mum is running for the door

Does this mean I won't come here for...

[Henry Corey Jackson III (aged 3]

GOD, I think I've got in.

I think I've got in.

I knew she liked me none the less

Dad's giving her more money.


In years we'll think of this as funny.


We've come this far, but tell me why

My parents continue to lie

About the fact that I am dry.

[Henry Corey Jackson III (aged 3]

I need to go again.


We hope she won't complain


Oh here we go again.


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