You Ain't Going Nowhere

Then one night they’re all there
But the old bar seems bare
The barman’s gone AWOL so they’re told.

The Death of Redemption

I met the messiah on an overcast morn
While we both stood in line for the dole.

Rewind to Sender

Your destiny in a cold cup of coffee

You  should have stuck to wine

Though now you know better

There’s simply no way to rewind

You’re on a one way collision course

We’ll see you at the end of the line.

Garbage Man

It’s something that’s stated in your marriage licence

I bet you didn’t read the small print.

The man gets to take out the garbage each night

While the women may go shopping till he’s skint.

The Desert

In the middle of the desert, all on her own,

I thought I saw a blue eyed blonde, hiding behind a stone.

In the middle of the desert, I seemed to hear her call,

And I wondered if there still was time to stop her endless fall.

A christmas Wish

A boy sat under the Christmas tree
Waiting for a sign.
Madonna was singing on MTV
‘Twas a quarter after nine.

If miracles were still for sale
It was time to get one now
As Faith No More
Stood by the door
The boy wished for a cow.


Once upon a time

In the land of nursery rhyme

Lived a lass by the name of Bloggerella.

Between the dishes that she washed

And the tomatoes that she squashed

She wrote all about her imaginary fella.

On her pad she spilled a tale

Of a prince who could not fail.

He defeated every dragon with his force.

His green eyes shone in the eve.

Had muscles you can’t believe

And of course he came equipped with one white horse.

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Some of My Poems © 2017 by Steve Taite