Office Romance

Monday morning
You’re still yawning
Waiting for the news.
Another week
Of hide and seek
Heading off the blues.
The boss is late
Isn’t that great?
Maybe there’s still hope.
The sec’ in reception
Is painting her complexion,
Perhaps she’ll agree to elope.
Tuesday barely counts
It jumps right in quite unannounced
Like a hangover when you swear you didn’t drink.
Your projects really overdue.
The client say they’ll surely sue
It seems career wise you’re speed sailing down the sink.
The secretary smiles
As she hands you twenty files
And you wonder if to ask her for a date.
But when you’ve time to glance her way,
She’s already read work for the day.
For now it seems you’ve left it far too late.


On Wednesday you bring flowers
But the commute to work takes hours
And the bouquet you bought  has died a natural death.
You sneak past  without a greeting
Pretend you rush of to a meeting
But soon return back to your desk quite out of breath
It’s time to think again
‘Cause you have clearly gone insane
Maybe you can take her for a drink.

But the boss has other plans
He needs to fly out to Japan

And requires you stay around for half the night.

You see her leaving with some guy

A cross between Tom Cruise and Popeye

If only he’d told his boss to go fly a kite.


Thursdays should be banned

You had your whole procedure planned

There is no way it could go wrong, you cannot  fail.

You’ll ask her out on a first date
It’s time you  got your  intentions straight.

Maybe try to send them off in an email.

No go on – be a man.

Attack the mission – of course you can

If it’s heaven you want  then act ,or go to hell.

So off to reception do you rush

Quite prepared to go get crushed

Only to hear she stayed at home, not feeling well.


Friday is the best.

Among all days it beats the rest

The weekend is shining through the sea of mist.

The boss is stuck in the Far East

In truth, you couldn’t care the least

Your  girl is back at work,  oh perfect bliss.

Your confidence is high

Thanks to five Red Bulls and a cream pie

And the vodka you smuggled in, in your coffee flask.

You pop the question to her outright,

“Will you come out with me tonight?”

TO which she answers; “Oh I thought you’d never ask.” © 2017 by Steve Taite