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A fun look at parking attendants. Technology claims another victim ans automation hits parking lots. Marty the parking attendant

Secretaries: Where have they disappeared to? You might check their flight schedule

10 reasons why it's fun to work in Open Space

10 New Work Laws We'd Like to See | Original Wit Beer drinking in the cafeteria is mandatory on Fridays.


I got to work one morning
Around a quarter to ten.
I sipped my coffee, read my Inbox,
And it was that then
I could feel a funny itching
From beneath my clothes.
Then I realized a fly had squatted
On my nose.

I tried to swat it with my backhand,
Blot it with my forehand
Chase it to the door and
Make my name.
But it kept returning all my serves.
Was really getting on my nerves,
And no matter how I swerved
I knew I’d lost the...

Monday morning
You’re still yawning
Waiting for the news.
Another week
Of hide and seek
Heading off the blues.
The boss is late
Isn’t that great?
Maybe there’s still hope.
The sec’ in reception
Is painting her complexion,
Perhaps she’ll agree to elope.
Tuesday barely counts
It jumps right in quite unannounced
Like a hangover when you swear you didn’t drink.
Your projects really overdue.
The client say they’ll surely sue

It was a particularly cold Wednesday morning. The forecast for heavy snow had proved incorrect, for a change, but it was bitter cold. I was late for work, the train got derailed, yet again. As I entered the office I noticed Pat sitting at her desk wearing gloves and a cashmere scarf.

"Central air has gone havoc again." She explained.

"Did you call for Sam?"

"No, I'm in practice for the trip to Antarctica. Of course I called Sam....

Project Management, as some of you out there might know, is a job for masochists. Basically you volunteer to be a punching bag for every senior manager in the firm and, to boot, you, must smile through it all and try and motivate the poor bastards working under you who bash it out for 18 hours a day.

To help reduce the everyday stress, and make my life more livable, I have adopted several stress management routines that I have...

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