The Future of the Sale

They all lined up at the entrance,

Five hundred and a score.

The queue that started hours before,

Now circled round the store.

It was the first Saturday of January,

And some were looking rather pale.

But none would dream of leaving now,

Ten minutes before the sale.

The showroom was completely filled

With all the shapes and sizes.

For those outside in the freezing cold,

They were offering great prizes.

Women, girls and hopeful grans

All waited at the gate.

At the chime of nine

They all left the line

And ran in to buy a mate.

The Hubby sale comes but once a year.

It is the best time to make a catch.

After courting went ill

And romance hit the hill

Free enterprise took over the match.

For a reasonable fee

You take home what you see

And these hubbies won’t argue or cheat.

They are programmed to listen,

Wash dishes and iron.

Then late at night they are really a treat.

They will cuddle and spoil you,

Compliment and adore too,

And never, but never complain.

They will watch your fave soap

Without making a joke.

Your life will no longer be the same.

When you tire of a face

Well then simply replace

With some other you bought at half price.

Why not wake beside Brad,

Enjoy what Angelina had,

Then change to Johnny to add to the spice. © 2017 by Steve Taite