History of Sex Part 6

excerpt from:


 Two dolls are sitting in a bedroom


Karen:  Dean do you really think it's time. I mean are we really ready Dean?


Dean: Karen we've been waiting fifty years. I think it's time.


Karen: You will be gentle won't you? Last time we tried making out, my arms fell off.


Dean: Don't worry, we will take things real slow.


Karen: I really love you Dean


Dean: I know Karen.  So maybe we should get undressed. (Takes of his shirt to reveal plastic chest. Karen’s mouth opens like a doll who opens her mouth in surprise, then closes it)


Karen: Oh I am so shy, can we do it in the dark?


Dean: Okay just this once


(lights go off. All you can hear is their talking in the dark)

Karen: Dean can you help me get unzipped.


Dean: No problem. There you go. Now we are the way nature intended us to be


Karen:  Oh Dean!


Dean: Oh Karen!


Karen:  Oh Dean!


Dean: Oh Karen!

Karen: Oh Dean oh Dean Oh Dean


Dean: Oh Karen, oh Karen, Oh Karen

(20 second silence)

Karen: Dean?


Dean: Yes Karen?


Karen: I think there's something missing


Dean: Hold on I'll turn on the lights


(Lights go on. Karen and Dean are standing facing each other. They have no genitals at all)

Karen: Dean, maybe if we had the instruction manual

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