In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth……

In the beginning of the end man polluted the air and destroyed the beauty of the Earth. And he contaminated the waters and failed to distinguish between the good and the bad. And he called the good by many names but called the bad war, yet he knew not that much of the good was bad and forgot the good. And there was morning and evening on the first day.

And man divided between the firmament above the water and the firmament below. And he distinguished between the sun and the radiation. And he distinguished between the colors. And he called the white good and all the others bad. And he looked at what he hadd done and he was pleased. And there was morning and there was evening on the second day.

And man divided the land that had once been gathered together in one place. And man said: “Let all grass cease to grow and all herbs cease to yield seed. And the trees shall bear no fruit and all the natural beauty shall vanish from upon the face of the earth.” And it was so. And there was morning and there was evening on the third day.


And man destroyed the signs of the seasons and of the days of the year. And even the two great lights could not penetrate the atmosphere of the earth. And man made new artificial lights and found new sources of heat and sustenance. And there was morning and there was evening on the fourth day.

And man said: “Let no beast live on the land, nor any sea monsters in the oceans or creatures of flight in the skies.” And it was so. And the creatures of the Earth multiplied not. And man created new monsters of iron and steel and called them machines. And there was morning and there was evening on the fifth day.

And man made for himself tools of mass destruction. And he used his new creations. And Man killed man. And blood was plentiful upon the Earth and radiation covered the continents. And Man destroyed man and darkness covered the Earth on the morning and on the evening of the sixth day.

And on the seventh day there was no morning and no evening. And God did not rest. And God destroyed the heavens and the earth. And God learnt from his mistakes and ceased to create. And God ruled the universe and there was no man.

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