Once upon a time

In the land of nursery rhyme

Lived a lass by the name of Bloggerella.

Between the dishes that she washed

And the tomatoes that she squashed

She wrote all about her imaginary fella.

On her pad she spilled a tale

Of a prince who could not fail.

He defeated every dragon with his force.

His green eyes shone in the eve.

Had muscles you can’t believe

And of course he came equipped with one white horse.


Such was the life of Bloggerella

Spending  day after day down in her cellar.

Her writing  smudged a bit with tears

Told of her passions and her fears.

But there was no-one else around who might come  tell her.

So she died a poor old maid.

‘Twas the price the poor soul paid

And for centuries there was nothing more to write.

Till a man named Samual Twitt

Purchased  the village, yes every bit

And beneath the shopping mall ancient writings came to light.


Now she’s featured on the web

She’s much retweeted and  world read

And there’s a  man who hides behind the name   Bloggerella.

Today he has no need of a mask

He has a laptop for the task

And I hear there’s even talk of a novella. © 2017 by Steve Taite