A Christmas Wish

A boy sat under the Christmas tree
Waiting for a sign.
Madonna was singing on MTV
‘Twas a quarter after nine.

If miracles were still for sale
It was time to get one now
As Faith No More
Stood by the door
The boy wished for a cow.

Others may have wished for toys
On this snowy December night.
But for one poor lad, whose heart was sad
His demands were ever so slight.
A farmer’s son, he had no time for fun
His thoughts were practically clear.
No cow meant no milk,
And that surely would lead
To a sure death before the new year.

The snow tumbled down
Through each valley and town
Without heat it was bitterly cold.
The boy held the baby
Right below the said tree
She  was less than a dozen days old.
With a complexion like snow
In a crib with pink bow
She was left all alone by the door.
It was he heard the cry
And failed to understand why
All the note said was  ”Sorry”, no more.

All night did he pray
That God wouldn’t take here away
As he had done to both Mama and Sis
While she slept in his arms
Temporarily shielded from harm
From  a world that could promise no bliss.
In the morning a sound
Broke the silence of the ground
And woke up the population of two.
Many legends would be told
How the feeling of cold
Was then melted by a magical MOO.

 www.original-wit.net © 2017 by Steve Taite